Derry is a 5 year old Welsh Terrier.  She's about 22 pounds, and stands about 16 inches tall.  She's muscular, quick, and pretty smart.  She likes to eat and sleep, in that order.  In the morning, she doesn't wake us up, we have to wake her up.  After the traumatic ordeal of waking up, she comes downstairs, hops in a chair, and sleeps for another hour.  Going outside for a bathroom break is not a priority - she's just not a morning girl.  She's gone 14 hours before asking to go outside.  When she does go outside, she loves her walks and loves to play ball.  She's not overly fond of other dogs - some initial noise and posturing usually occurs.  Typically, she gets over the attitude quickly and stands or sits peacefully near the other dog while the owners chat.  After speaking to other owners, it seems this is normal behavior for many female terriers.


We got Derry in April 2007, when she was a little more than 4 years old. We were looking for a Welsh Terrier puppy, and went to the breeder. We saw three litters. Derry was the mom of the first litter, they were born Jan 1, 2007. Derry was a great mom, she was well behaved, not very noisy or boisterous, and her puppies were cute. We really wanted one of her puppies because we figured they would have a fair chance of ending up with a personality similar to their mom. But they were all spoken for already. So we asked the breeder if we could have Derry. After some thought, he said 'yes'!