Derry's normal day
TimeOfDay Description
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7:30 am Derry is woken up, and brought downstairs.
7:35 am Derry generally sniffs around a bit, then hops up in a chair and goes back to sleep.
8:30 am Time for a walk. It's best to play with a squeaky ball for a bit indoors to wake Derry up. Otherwise she's likely to be a bit grumpy and lathargic on the walk.
9:15 am Back from the walk - Derry has pooped and peed. Now she gets fed - 1/3 cup of dry Canidae and 1/8 can of wet Canidae. She prefers the chicken, lamb, and fish in chicken broth. This might not seem like a lot, but she gets training snacks throughout the day.
9:16 am After licking the food bowl to make sure every morsel is eaten, Derry stands stoically in the middle of the floor with her tail down. In about 1-3 minutes, she'll burb, her tail will assume it's normal upright position, and she'll lie down on the floor to sleep.
10:30 am During or after Ellen, 3-5 minutes of vigorous squeaky toy chasing may ensue. Then back to sleep.
12:30 pm Lunch for the humans, and perhaps a foodball for Derry. A foodball is a toy that she has to play with to get food out of. It's a great mental exercise with a built in reward.
1:30 pm Derry might need a pee. Plunking her out in the yard for a few minutes is usually sufficient.
2:00 pm More sleep - maybe a ride in the car if a trip is necessary.
3:30 pm Time for the nightly poo/pee walk. In the summer the days are longer, and this walk might start three hours later.
4:15 pm Dinner! Another 1/3 cup Canidae dry and 1/8 can Canidae wet. Stinky and delicious!
11:00 pm Final pee of the night. We've finally trained Derry that a quick urination in the yard is best for everyone.